Court Fee Waivers

Anyone who intends to file a superior court case in Los Angeles County will be faced with having to pay to file their case. The court fee’s in some cases are very expensive and can be upwards of $400 per filing.

However, there is an alternative to having to pay these court fees and that comes in the form of a court fee waiver.  A court fee waiver allows you to file a case in any superior court located in Los Angeles County and have the court fee waived.

Therefore, any additional filings pertaining to the particular case in which you received a court fee waiver would not require a court fee.

In order to request a court fee waiver, you must:

  1. Correctly fill out a court fee waiver application along with a court fee waiver order.
  2. Ensure that you are following the directions on both documents because it will not be approved if it is not absolutely correct.
  3. Once you have filled out both forms correctly make three copies of both forms and sign them all.
  4. Once you have accomplished steps A – C take both sets of forms to the court house, file your case and enjoy the savings.

You do not have to be shut out of the legal system due to the costs of filing a case. Simply request a court fee waiver by filling out the forms correctly, get it approved and file your case free of charge.

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