Superior Court Docs Services for Estate Planning Matters, Los Angeles, CA

Estate Planning Document Preparation Services

Many people assume that, for any kind of legal matter, an expensive attorney has to be hired to complete all the necessary paperwork and processes. This is simply not the case – and many people who have already used Superior Court Docs for a wide range of estate planning matters across Los Angeles County have benefited greatly from the value/quality of our paralegal and legal document assistant services.

Experience Matters

Our highly talented and experienced team can offer cost-effective legal paperwork services covering such key estate planning areas as the creation of a simple will simple will , or power of attorney power of attorney , and the establishment of trusts trusts .

Together, we explore your specific needs and complete the necessary legal documents. Where family or other circumstances prove this to be necessary, we can craft a specific healthcare or limited power of attorney to meet the needs of the exact situation you’re having to handle. Our flat rate fee for creating power of attorney documents is just $150 – you’d be lucky even to shake hands with many lawyers for that sum!

Our services are of the highest quality and we prepare all manner of estate planning documents at low cost to our clients such as: a Joint Living Trust, our flat rate fee is $599 and for a Single Living Trust, it’s just $550. A Simple Will is completed for $150 and a Codicil to a Will is $99.

We’re often asked how we can deliver these superb value for money services. Plain and simple: we’re not lawyers! We do work for attorneys as paralegals, but also for the general public as Legal Document Assistants. We don’t file documents, we simply prepare them to the standards the court requires, for you then to use.

It’s a fallacy that all such work must be completed by high fee charging legal firms and attorneys. Our Superior Court Docs team are registered and bonded Legal Document Assistants with the County of Los Angeles. Our team works swiftly, accurately and diligently for you, providing these self-help legal document services, to assist you in dealing with your estate planning matters, without having to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees for such documents.

To ask any questions, or discuss your needs across all Estate Planning matters, simply call toll free on 888 731-1500 or click the relevant ‘Get started’ button at the top of this page.