Lawsuit, Los Angeles, CA

Fast, Accurate Los Angeles Lawsuit Document Preparation

A lawsuit can be very expensive. However, filing a lawsuit does not have to be an expensive proposition. When utilizing Superior Court Docs, you can rest easy knowing that you will not pay an arm and a leg to file your lawsuit and fight to be made whole again. In addition, each lawsuit we prepare is done in a professional manner to include legal research to support your lawsuit argument. We prepare all manner of lawsuits. No lawsuit is too big or too small for Superior Court Docs to prepare.

Discovery, Los Angeles, CA

Code of Civil Procedure §2017.010 allows “discovery regarding any matter, not privileged, that is relevant to the subject matter involved in the pending action.” “Discovery” involves a variety of motions or forms. While there are a variety of discovery motions, almost all are investigative in nature. Here at Superior Court Docs we prepare all manner of discovery forms and motions. All of our discovery documents are prepared to court standards. The discovery process does not have to be complicated and we try our best to help ease your discovery apprehensions and fears.

Demurrer, Los Angeles, California

Demurrer motions challenge the pleading filed by an opposing party. Whether you are challenging the coherence of the complaint, the application of the law or any other reason, we prepare all demurrer motions in a timely and methodical manner. We research case law to ensure that the demurrers we prepare for the Los Angeles courts are as legally strong as they can possibly be. Although your demurrer will be prepared at your direction, we provide you with as much legal information as you may need to ensure your legal decisions are based on the most up to date case law and statutes.

Motion to Dismiss

Whether you need a motion to dismiss your own case because you choose to do so or you have been sued and want to ask the court to dismiss the case brought against you. Our motion to dismiss document preparation services are centered on a phenomenal attention to detail.

Los Angeles Ex Parte Motion

If you feel you have been sued for no reason or the reasons are not true or do not make sense then you may file a demurer motion asking the court to dismiss the case.