Legal Reasons to Evict a Tenant in California

As a landlord you cannot arbitrarily evict a tenant just because they looked at you wrong or you don’t like them personally. These are not valid legal reasons to evict a tenant from the property for which you own. The following are legal reasons for which you can evict a tenant:

• If the tenant has failed to pay rent.
• If the tenant is a nuisance to other tenants.
• If the tenant violates the lease in any manner.
• Unlawful use of weapons or ammunition.
• If the tenant uses the unit for unlawful purposes.
• If the tenant uses the unit to manufacture or deal illegal drugs.
• If the tenant materially damages the unit.

The list above represents the legal reasons for evicting a tenant in California. If you are a landlord take heed to this list and ensure that you are legally allowed to evict your tenant.

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