Landlord Eviction Forms For Los Angeles Court Cases

We, at Superior Court Docs, receive calls daily from both landlords and tenants asking about the eviction process. Therefore, in accordance with California Code of Civil Procedure §1161, we thought it be a tremendous value to anyone who is considering or in the middle of an eviction to have somewhat of an idea as to what they are prepared to embark on.

canstockphoto15513523Initiating The Eviction Process

As a landlord, you want to ensure that you do not allow unpaid rent to go unchecked for too long. Allowing unpaid rent to go unchecked for too long could pose a major issue because there is no guarantee that you will be able to recoup the back owed rent.

Many landlords do not understand that regaining possession of the property and collecting back owed rent are two entirely different objectives. You may get a judgment for possession of the property and you can send the Sheriffs to enforce that judgment. However, collecting money from someone who may not have any or is good at hiding it may be difficult to do.

Therefore, allowing someone to live on your property rent free for a long period of time may be like flushing money down the drain because you may never see it again.

Preparing The Most Important Component of The Eviction…The “Notice”

Whether it is a Three (3) Day, 30 Day or 60 Day notice the most important part of any eviction case is the notice served on the tenant to initiate the process.

If there is something added to the notice that should not be there, a misspelled name, wrong address, etc. you more than likely will not succeed in court as a landlord, if challenged by the tenant.

Additionally, the manner in which you serve the notice to the tenant must be correct or you more than likely will not succeed in court as a landlord, if challenged by the tenant.

Once you have served a tenant you must complete and file a proof of service which explains how you served the tenant.

Preparing The Landlord Eviction Forms

Unfortunately, for landlord evictions, the courts do not help in preparing the appropriate landlord eviction forms required to evict a tenant. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you hire a reputable legal document preparation company such as Superior Court Docs to prepare all of your eviction documents for a low flat rate. This will ensure that you have the eviction document support necessary to win your case.

Judicial Council Eviction Forms and Local, Required, Jurisdictional Forms

What makes the eviction process complicated is the fact that it is an intensely administrative process and every county requires varied local documents that must accompany the already complicated and burdensome judicial council forms.

For additional assistance in hiring a legal document assistant, we offer affordable and accurate legal document preparation services. Call us today for a free consultation toll free at 1-888-731-1500.

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